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Renthelper: Registration Introduction
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What are Renthelper Services?

In order to make finding a place to live easier and faster Renthelper offers Renthelper Services, and Renthelper Professional Services.

Renthelper Services are designed for the average renter, either looking for a place to live, or looking for someone to fill the place they are living now.
A person registered with Renthelper Services can take advantage of these free services:
Free Classified: Post a free Housemate Wanted or Subleaser Wanted classified. This free classified will go into the Renthelper Directory and appear on the Spotlight page under its category type. These classifieds will remain in the system for two weeks before being automatically deleted.
Renthelper List: There are currently over 3000 listings in the Renthelper Directory. In order to make it easier for you to keep track of the listings that caught your attention we have created the Renthelper List, a virtual list kept by the Renthelper System. You are encouraged to add and remove items from your list as you browse the directory. Isn't that much better then writing it down?

What are Renthelper Professional Services?

Renthelper Professional Services are a collection of online and off line tools you can use to more effectively promote your properties in the Athens, Ohio area.
While there are currently many different and useful ways of advertising rental properties in Athens County, not any one of them have the power and reach of the Renthelper Directory.
You take full advantage of that power and reach when you list your properties in the Renthelper Directory, and Renthelper Professional Services give you the tools to manage how your properties are placed and appear in the Directory.

You take control.

Renthelper Professional Services gives you the flexibility in how you present your properties. If you need space to describe the benefits or special conditions of a property, you can have it. Renthelper gives you all the space you want or need with every listing. You don't pay by the word, or column inch, you pay once a year for each listing you need.
If you add new amenities, change the rent, or upgrade the property in the course of the year you can come back into the Renthelper System and update the listing, at no additional cost.

All year long.

While other advertising and promotion services operate on a weekly, monthly or even daily cost cycle, Renthelper works on a yearly cycle. That's right, you pay $30 (thirty) dollars for each listing and can forget about them for a full year. In that time your listing is working for you with accurate and complete information (rent, parking, pets, availability, ect). Visitors to the site will be able to make plans well in advance. You can rest assured that you will only field phone calls and email from serious interests. You will spend less time on the phone answering simple questions, and more time interviewing serious prospects. Instead of all of your prospects piling up at one time of the year and straining your time and energy, they will be spread out over the year as people learn about your properties.

You're listed already.

The Renthelper Directory is already working for you, and has been since the day it started. With kind assistance from the Athens City Office of Code Enforcement, Renthelper has been able to collect over 3000 rental properties to include in its Directory. The occupancy, address and contact information that are a matter of public record accompanies every one of these listings automatically, and will always be available to Renthelper visitors. We have done all the work of entering and collecting your listings for you. Once your account is activated you can add in all the important and helpful information that will make your listing stand out from the rest.
If you don't want to activate all of your properties at the same time, you don't have to. We understand that you may not need the advertising power and ease of use that Renthelper provides at this time. Your properties will continue to be represented by their public record information until you get the time to fill them out.

Simple and cost effective.

Renthelper Professional Services is the simplest and most cost effective way to advertise and promote your rental properties. Registration is free and easy, collecting and adding your properties is a snap, and you can decide which listings you want to fill out based on your current needs.

Step 1 Register
Fill out the form with current contact info, then upgrade to a Professional Account and fill out your company name, website address, and even office hours. If you have received a promotional code be sure to enter it and your properties already in the Renthelper Directory will be automatically added to your account.
Step 2 Fill-out
If you collected properties already in the Directory you just need to fill in the important details. Otherwise, you can create new listings from scratch and match your specific needs.
Step 3 Fill
Sit back and wait for well informed calls. Once your rental is filled, you come back, change the Available Status, and forget about it till next year.

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